Dr. Afser Tasneem MD

Dr. Tasneem

Posted On October 7, 2020

Dr. Tasneem Graduated from Mr. Medical College Gulbarga University India in 1995. Sheattended pediatric school for her post graduate education at Mount Sinai Medical Center Elmhurst Hospital Center in Elmhurst, NY and graduated in June 2004. She has previously done volunteer work at Mini Residency Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami beach, Florida, and at Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas, Texas. She has worked at the following pediatric offices; Queen Hospital Center, Overlook Medical Center Summit NJ, Horizon Health Center Jersey City NJ, Children’s Health Pediatric Group. She is presently working at NiteHawk Pediatric Urgent Care, Star Pediatric Group, and for Beyond Care Pediatrics. She has worked in the Dallas community since 2014 and has dedicated her life for her love of taking care of the next generation of children in our community.

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