What online resources do you have?

Our website is a resource for information about our practice, management of common pediatric ailments as well as educational quick links. We offer online scheduling, new patient fillable forms with a link to submit the forms. Our facebook page ‘Kashif Anwar, MD Pediatrician’ allows us to share important information, updates regarding vaccinations, holidays or any change in daily office hours or any other issue in regards to the patient care. We soon to start pages on Instagram and Tweeter to stay close and as connected as possible with our patient and their families
We also provide a link to a patient portal where you can access all of your child’s important medical information like vaccination records, recent lab results and ways to communicate to the physician directly

How do I get vaccination record for my child?

We provide you multiple ways for you to have your child’s vaccination record without any charge for free. Every time you check out we give you a After visit summary that includes the vaccination record, you can access this record any time any where on your finger tips if you sign up for mychart app. You can also request the other medical facility or school with your signed consent to send us the request directly for vaccination record.
If you still need another copy then there is $10 charge for every vaccination record copy per child.

Do we complete School and Camp Forms?

Yes, we are happy to fill these forms out for your child. However, in order to have your forms completed you child must have had a well child visit within the past 6-12 months depending on the age. Once our office receives the forms, please allow 12-3 business days for these forms to be completed.
If its been more then 2 weeks since your child’s well check exam was done then there is a $10 fee to complete the sports physical forms. This is to encourage bringing in the physical forms the same day of your child’s physicals avoiding any delays in start of your child’s sports activities.

Do your office follow specific guidelines for follow ups?

Yes, please browse under our office policies to find the guidelines for follow ups for certain conditions

How refill requests are handled ?

Usually online refill requests via pharmacy are done the same or by next business day. For any urgent refills you have to call the office and request the urgent need. Staff may ask you some pertinent questions to assess if the child needs to be examine by the provider or you need to take the child to an urgent care.
For Adhd medication refills please contact the office directly and review the rules and regulations under the Office policies page.

Do I see the same provider every visit?

We have only one doctor and one Nurse practitioner. Usually you will see the provider you are assigned to at the time of scheduling an appointment. You can request to see one particular provider at the time of scheduling. Any last minute request may lengthen your waiting time in the office.

What insurance plans do we accept?

Our office accept all the major Private and Medicaid insurances.
For all HMO and Medicaid Plans we advise to have Dr. Kashif Anwar as primary care physician assigned before coming to the visit. Your waiting time may significantly increase if you attempt to change the PCP at the office.

Who answers after hours phone calls?

Should you have an urgent question arise outside of our regular business hours, YOU CAN EITHER CHECK OUR ONLINE RESOURCES FOR COMMON QUESTIONS OR GO TO THE NEAREST URGENT CARE CENTERS.
IF YOUR QUESTION IS NOT ANSWERED BY OUR ONLINE RESOURCES OR YOU HAVE AN URGENT CONCERN, After hours, on weekends, or on holidays, call the regular office number you will be provided with an after hour phone number where you would be able to speak to one of the on call Nurses who will take care of your needs appropriately.

Can I walk in ?

We are strictly appointment only office. For any reason or miscommunication you have to walk in then your waiting and check in time will depend on the presence of patients in the office at that time. You may be the last one to be seen.

Do you have designated well and sick child areas?

Yes, if you have made an appointment at least 2 business days before your appointment date, you will receive a Reminder text message. In order to receive text reminders you have to sign up by Texting DrAnwar to # 622622. You should receive a confirmation of sign up right away. If you do not get a confirmation then you may need to call the office to update your phone number in our system